Frontier Technologies





The skills and expertise acquired over years thanks to projects specifically realized for clients allowed to give life to a series of horizontal products that bring to companies – in a very short time and with predictable and manageable budgets – already tested and ready to go solutions.


Some technologies can rapidly fill the gap between large and small companies, thanks to their ability in providing services for clients. When we talk about help desk and specifically Q&A, bots represent a formidable tool to share corporate information assets with public in an easy, automatic and more and more precise way, thanks to artificial intelligence. Putting at the service of someone’s website visitors a digital assistant capable to interpret natural language and answer users punctually, doesn’t just imply making the communication more efficient, but also reallocating resources on activities with more value. This is how Teorema ON-Bot can help companies save money by innovating.

Teorema Collaboration Portal (TCP)

Teorema Collaboration Portal is the SharePoint and SharePoint Online add-on, thought to facilitate information sharing and collaboration inside the agencies that use Microsoft Office 365 and to accelerate the intranet. It’s the home page that focuses on news, rooms and car booking, shared calendars, document collection, video streaming, social groups, my apps and many more. The constantly evolving platform is installed and set up in few hours and allows to immediately synchronize all the productivity tools, starting from Outlook.


AD Portal is the product created by Teorema to simplify the company Active Directory management. Through a simple Web interface, it helps improve the efficiency thanks to a series of out-of-the-box functions. In Windows domains the right management is fundamental for safety and, since it is not connected to the infrastructure management, ADPortal allows any help-desk operator to manage users and resources (from e-mails to company intranet passing through instant messaging) without committing mistakes.

ReadPoint 365

ReadPoint 365 is the solution for the management of business newsletter and mandatory reading documents, a simple and immediate tool to share files with users and make sure that files have been read. The product manages all the lifecycle phases of the document through a wizard, allowing the author to minimize procedural errors. Documents can be created, shared and distributed through SharePoint, in a coherent, clear and fast way, using different default templates and applying specific service rules and operational notes. A summary dashboard allows the author to consult and know who still has not read and send him/her a reminder. ReadPoint is perfectly integrated with Microsoft Office 365 suite.


Technologies for Natural User Interface (NUI) development are rapidly evolving and offer the possibility to create more and more involving solutions, to offer users surprising final experiences. T.Totem is a customer engagement and digital signage tool based on a motion sensor, the comprehension of natural language and a system of multimedia content sharing specifically thought to help companies and brands imagine new ways to interact with their clients.