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ON-Bot is Teorema ChatBOT: easy to install and suitable for the needs of any company, also for PMI. Designed to substitute websites Q&A pages, the system has a customizable user interface (it is possible to insert the company logo or use colors matching with brand and website) that extract the company data. Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence engine of Microsoft Azure, it not only can interpret natural language and provide for answers to user who are looking for information, but it can also address navigation on the basis of the analysis carried out. Administrators can manage questions and answers through a simple back-end console that allows to enter an unlimited number of Q&A and to use the report generated by the system to perform quantitative and qualitative analysis useful to “teach” ON-Bot how to result more efficient when chatting with humans.

The platform represents just the first step towards the creation of evolved customer care services: indeed, ON-Bot is expandable with additional components, such as Machine Learning, that open the way to new scenarios: through self-learning, the system can evolve, giving more and more precise and pertinent answers and predicting the possible questions made by users by deducing them from the context.

In few words, ON-Bot is a solution suitable for all the organizations that can’t afford customer care chats managed by humans or that would like to address those resources on different activities. This is what the Municipality of Milan is trying to do, by asking Teorema a Bot able to support citizens who ask for information on monuments, transports and events. The result is Chiara, a ChatBOT that, by using Machine Learning algorithms, answers to users’ questions by contextualizing them and providing for the most accurate information, learning something new from each interaction. If the answer is not available because it is still not processed, the user is provided for some suggestions in line with his/her research. This allows to reduce the workload of front-end telephone operators, offering the public administration the possibility to reallocate them on more valuable tasks.

In its basic version, ON-Bot doesn’t need expensive ad hoc development projects: the monthly subscription costs just €599, with a one-year minimum commitment. The offer (also available in Try&Buy version for 30 days) includes 10 thousand calls per month, a step-by-step documentation for the installation and a technical assistance service via e-mail.