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How to orchestrate the complexity of new competitive scenarios?
How to orient the company according to new business opportunities and the risk deriving from unexplored places?
Being pioneers doesn’t mean go to the fray, but being equipped with tools helpful to evaluate, choose, decide and unravel when meeting findings and especially managing resources in the best way possible, having the possibility to make mistakes but also to understand them and thus learning from them. Understanding data is the base of innovation, because understanding is important for growth.


Cloud and platforms as a service are a technological revolution that upsets the paradigms used to make strategies and development plans. The logics of on-demand and the constant availability of the service open to the possibility to have calculus abilities and potentially infinite storage, without occupying hardware, maintenance and updates. Today an IoT scenario for a manufacturing company generates an amount of data that would require a constant updating of a local infrastructure. Only thanks to Cloud it is possible to increase, decrease or manage the spaces needed with a click.

Big Data & Analytics

Addressing a business and making it more efficient by identifying improvement margins, risks and opportunities assumes a deep knowledge not only of the organization, but also of the context in which it operates and the variables that influence its evolution.
Big Data & Analytics platforms allow to build – starting from the data generated by the interaction of the company with its partners – clients and providers of the analytics and predictive models that became more and more refined and precise when the information is introduced into the system.
The reading and interpretation of the generated insights are facilitated by intuitive dashboards and punctual notifications that use diagrams to be surfed even by users with no technical competences.

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