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Digital technologies according to teorema

Solidity and an impulse for the real business innovation

Teorema is one of the Italian main characters in Digital Transformation, a reality with a strong technological vocation and a twenty-year experience on several technological fronts. It operates as an IT factory that uses its expertise and constant updating to support enterprises in their evolution path.

From infrastructure management to artificial intelligence, passing through the new scenarios of digital workplace and Industry 4.0, Teorema offers professional advice, solutions and services at every step of a company business evolution, and propose the entire range of technologies for digital business.

Thanks to its ability to enter the management, production and planning processes of its clients, Teorema aims at being a real Digital Advisor in IT world, supporting them in traditional business activities, but also guiding them through the use of new technologies that can help improve their business. The final goal is to create a solid basis to accelerate the experimentation, comprehension and implementation of the most innovative solutions available over time.

Teorema intervention areas

Infratructure and IT Services

  • System Management
  • Productivity
  • Enteprise Mobility e Identity Management
  • Collaboration
  • Application Lifecycle Management

Innovative Technologies

  • Internet of Things
  • Big Data
  • Analitycs

Frontier Technologies

  • Cognitive Services
  • Natural user interface
  • X-Reality
  • 3D Modelling
  • Bots
  • Machine Learning
TeoLab approach

A four-hand apporach, not a partnership

Teorema method is well represented by TeoLab approach that aims at reducing the time between an idea and its adoption. Testing new technologies in a high business-oriented context allows to understand the deriving benefits and the development that an innovative path can benefit. In TeoLab our customers start a journey that has to do with business processes and the way to do business: from the study of new potential technologies to their impact on the company, from generating ideas for the business to the scouting of new technologies, until the definition of the project and the deployment, and the adoption according to predefined timelines and goals.

TeoLab was born to give continuity to research and to guarantee to customers the knowledge transfer and the application of the frontier technologies. Mixed reality, cognitive services, machine learning and non-conventional interfaces are part of what Teorema wants to share. It is a real partnership with companies.

It is TeoLab approach, which projects are “four-handed”.