Frontier Technologies



Our Vision

Innovation Tree

The real innovation? It sprouts up only if its roots are in development activities and it is supported by solid technologies. Teorema philosophy.


Teorema laid the foundations to increase its skills in the activities of software development and in the implementation and management of IT systems. A know-how rooted in a deep knowledge of IT environments, which surprising evolution doesn’t sneak up on who nourished its humus over the past years.

It is impossible even to talk about opening, integration, customization, simplification, if one doesn’t have the awareness of the architectures that underlies the solution to give life to. Far from a contradiction, to create sophisticated tools it is important to look at basic and fundamental elements: it’s here that present and future roots are. For a soft approach to digital transformation or for a real quantum leap, it is always important to know where and from what premises the journey started.


Cloud, Big Data & Analytics and Smart Objects are just some of the elements of the technological offer to support innovative systems, but just like a tree trunk going toward the future, they represent the backbones of the development areas of the most interesting projects of digital transformation: from Smart Working to Collaboration, passing through a new generation Supply Chain, where traceability, efficiency and transparency can be revolutionized by frontier technologies, the scenarios of application need to be solid, trusted, reliable.

Only with this warrantee supporting the push toward innovation along different organization edges and responding to modernization and business needs is possible.

Branches & Leaves

If the plant is healthy, with deep roots and a solid trunk, it will have strong and long branches to be developed in the direction of the opportunities to be sized.

Indeed, leaves don’t just show a tree healthiness: they are above all stimuli and signals receivers, what allows it to absorb the light and start growth processes in a virtuous circle that represents a good example of the mechanisms that should feed and regulate innovation scenarios, represented exactly by the upper appendices of the tree.

The lifeblood that sustains it are data, which availability and accessibility are guaranteed – as said – by the expertise on basic IT systems; frontier technologies (from X Reality to Blockchain, passing through Machine learning and Cognitive Services) that allow to funnel information, elaborating and transforming them into a value, enable businesses development in competitive scenarios increasingly complex. This is the necessary leap for a real innovation that is not a destination, but the beginning of a continuous evolutionary cycle for Teorema.